17 Things to Know About Amazon Prime

<pre>17 Things to Know About Amazon Prime

If you've wondered what is the big deal is about the Prime, here's what you need to know about Amazon's service.

Amazon is already a treasure trove of great prices, undercutting a lot of other e-commerce and brick-and-mortar store prices. The savings only get better if you are among the. It's fantastic when you go on a shopping bender, thanks to the service's most basic and best feature: free two-day shipping on eligible products. Plus, you get access to all the streaming content Amazon Video.

If almost $ 99 per year for Prime sounds expensive, there's a month-to-month option to get it for $ 10.99. If you keep that option for a year or longer, obviously you're not saving much; The Tick or Man in the High Castle for a month or two, it's a good option. In fact, a 2016 study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners showed that 19 percent of Amazon Prime subscribers still prefer the monthly payment for its flexibility. Low-income families with a valid Prime Benefits of a cardholder can get Prime even if you are not a member of the government. take advantage every year of Amazon's annual Prime Day, the site's attempt to boost e-commerce in the summer to Black Friday-mania levels. The savings can be substantial; of course, Amazon has other sales throughout the year, too, most of them are geared towards Prime members.

If you've never had Prime, you can try the start the 30-day free. It's definitely worth trying, even if you're not going shopping, because Prime includes a slew of other services. Below, we'll spell out some of the special things you get with the service.

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