180 New Games Launch on Steam Every Week

<pre>180 New Games Launch on Steam Every Week

Valve confirms that we are really spoiled for choice when it comes to gaming on Steam. While the quality may be questionable, every week an average of 180 new games launch through Steam Direct, which is more than the number one released through Greenlight.

Back in June of the last year, Valve phased out Steam with Steam Direct. It was a more hands-off and simplified process. Where as Greenlight relied on Steam users deciding if you could launch, Steam Direct only requires forms filled out and a recoupable $ 100 fee paid.

As Gamasutra reports, Jan-Peter Ewert, General Counsel at Valve, recently gave a talk in St. Petersburg. Petersburg where it is revealed Steam is used to release 180 games every week on Steam.

While that's more games than anyone could ever play in a year, let alone a week, the change in the rate of releases is also staggering. Before Greenlight launched in August 2012, Steam was releasing an average of five new titles a week. Before being replaced in June 2017, Greenlight took that total up to 70 titles a week. (19659006) With far fewer barriers to entry, it makes sense that the total number of releases would increase. The size of the increase. It's also clear how important marketing has become when launching a new title. Push.

The good news for you.

The good news for you. Valve and developers is, player numbers are growing fast, too. Between Jan. 1 and April 30 this year, an average of 3.75 million first-time Steam purchases were made.

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