4 applications that will bring your Mac to order

<pre>4 applications that will bring your Mac to order

Applications for Mac computers are often given less attention than programs for iOS, and undeservedly, because among them there are very useful and useful utilities that will be useful for makovodam.

So, for example, you should pay attention to the Unclutter program. It is an add-on over the Mac desktop, an alternative place for storing notes, content from the clipboard and files. With this application, you can not only clog your desktop, but always keep your files at hand.

Title: Unclutter
Price: 749 rubles.
Link: Install

DeskCover is a free and simple application that allows you to hide all the mess on the desktop with a single click or with a hotkey. The utility highlights the window of the active application and is very useful if you need to focus on one task.

Name: DeskCover
Price: Free
Reference: Install

Perfectionists and just amateurs to keep everything in order are useful to third-party utility Bartender. It allows you to customize the top menu as you like, right up to Spotlight, Clock or the Notification Center. Useful utility with a free trial period for a month. Then, if you want, you can buy it for $ 15.


Title: Bartender 3
Price: 899 rubles.
Reference: Install

Those who do not have enough screen layout for 3-4 parts will appreciate the Magnet utility, which is very good at this task. The application was repeatedly noted by the App Store moderators as an integral part of the productive work on the Mac.

Title: Magnet
Price: 75 rubles. (discount)
Link: Install

And what applications do you know about ordering the Mac? Share in the comments.

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