45 smartphone models have built-in viruses

<pre>45 smartphone models have built-in viruses

Specialists of anti-virus laboratories are engaged not only in the search for viruses on the vastness of the World Wide Web, but also in mobile and fixed devices. And at times, what they find can be very exciting. For example, recently, employees of the Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web discovered malicious software that was originally built into 45 models of smartphones on the market.

A detailed investigation made it possible to find viruses on Android-based phones. These include a range of brands such as Leagoo, smartphones Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus, UHANS A101, Doogee, Umi London, Tesla SP6.2, Haier T51, Cherry Mobile Flare some others. All these models are made in China and, although they do not have a large user base in Russia and Europe, are extremely popular in the Asian region. As the CEO of Doctor Web, Boris Sharov, said in an interview with RIA Novosti,

“Users told us that in their phone our antivirus found malicious software. After the analysis, we realized that it is in the system area, where no virus can get from the outside, and can be laid only at the production stage. “

The antivirus laboratory specialists also tracked the network of servers to which the virus sent data. Through the holes in the security system, the built-in virus is capable of independently downloading to the device any malicious program from keyloggers to spyware that steals personal data and bank card data.

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