50,000 workers in the Las Vegas casino are going to strike against robots

<pre>50,000 workers in the Las Vegas casino are going to strike against robots

Members of the Culinary Union, working in many of Las Vegas's largest casinos, are ready to strike, unless an agreement is reached on the terms they put forward in the near future. On June 1, that is, less than a week later, the contracts of 50,000 trade union members expire, which allows them to strike. The kind of employment is very different, from bartenders to maids. The cause of the strike, as you have already begun to guess, is partly hidden in the robots.

The last time a strike of casino employees in Las Vegas took place in 1984, lasted 67 days and cost more than $ 1 million per day of downtime.

Why are people ready for a strike? Naturally, they are asking for a salary increase. But this is only one of the reasons. The second reason is the increased safety of work, especially from robots.

“We support innovations that improve jobs, but are against automation when it only destroys jobs,” says Gioconda Arguello-Kline, secretary-treasurer of the Culinary Union. “Our industry must innovate without losing contact with people.”

Chad Niner, assistant cook at Margaritaville, says he voted for the strike so that his work is not given to the robot.

Why are people afraid of robots? The thing is that the service industry is best automated, but still needs people. The casinos can not replace casino employees with robots in large numbers, but increasingly they are going to automation measures. People have no choice but to prepare for the worst scenario. Hence the strike.

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