A smart table is presented, in which everything is built-in for work

<pre>A smart table is presented, in which everything is built-in for work

I want to work with comfort, but for this just need a suitable table. The New York company Cemtrex has shown a table that many will like. It is called SmartDesk and costs 4000 dollars. Its peculiarity is that many of the devices necessary for work are already built into the table.

SmartDesk will need to be connected to the outlet. You can do this with just one wire. Power supply is needed for everything that is built into the table. The most important of the built-in devices is a computer with a Core i7 processor and a Windows operating system.

The computer is operated by three touch monitors with a total diagonal of 72 inches. You can use touch controls, or control gestures. In Cemtrex, gesture management is called the Stark Gesture System. It allows you to swipe your fingers to scroll pages or flip through pages.

SmartDesk has built-in wireless charging for the smartphone, a document scanner and wireless headphones for communication. In addition, the table can be adjusted for both sitting and standing position. Today, many people prefer to work at a computer standing.

You can get such a table for $ 4,000, or for $ 175 per month for a period of two years. Orders the company accepts on its website.

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