A well-known manufacturer of covers merged the image of a 6.1-inch iPhone

<pre>A well-known manufacturer of covers merged the image of a 6.1-inch iPhone

A conditional accessible iPhone with a 6.1-inch diagonal screen will be almost a full copy of the iPhone X except for a single module of the main camera. This is reported by BGR with reference to the renderings of the smartphone from the manufacturer of covers Ghostek, which in the past proved itself as a supplier of reliable information about the appearance of future novelties.

iPhone 2018 – what is it?

First of all, the renderer confirms that in the next generation of branded smartphones Apple will forever give up the Home key. Almost the entire front panel of even the most affordable model will be occupied by an asymmetric display with a recess for a set of front sensors and cameras forming a software and hardware complex for face recognition.

iPhone X and iPhone 2018: differences

As the case in which the smartphone is placed on rendering, looks cumbersome enough, to determine the thickness of the frame around the perimeter of the iPhone 2018 display is quite difficult. However, with a high degree of probability in the 6.1-inch smartphone, they will be somewhat thicker than the more expensive models, due to the technology of manufacturing the matrix (LCD) and the special structure of the controller.

The back of the 6.1-inch iPhone 2018 will be remind one of the iPhone 8. Persistent associations with the base flagship of the current generation are caused by a single camera module that protrudes over the main body part, as well as a glass backdrop. The similarity between models is so great that an unprepared viewer will most likely not recognize a smartphone in the image as a novelty, taking it for the iPhone of the last year.

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