Advenate – a hybrid of avalanche blades and tents

<pre>Advenate - a hybrid of avalanche blades and tents

Recently, an ISPO exhibition was held in Munich, one of the headliners of which was the company Advenate and its two know-how: a shovel with emergency survival kit on snow and a backpack with an anti-avalanche pillow and a breathing system under the snow. Both sets increase the person's chances of surviving in the snow element in an accident.

The Advenate Hybrid shoulder blade has an aluminum handle with an adjustable length of 64-94 cm and a double-purpose blade – they can dig snow or chisel ice. Inside the handle is an emergency beacon, a universal telescopic probe up to 240 cm long and a set of fasteners are attached to the device. Together with a shovel, ski poles and snow anchors, it forms a frame for a single tent.

When folded, the tent weighs 720 grams and is attached to the shovel by ties, in this position it is convenient to sit on it. It unfolds in a matter of seconds, even right before the start of the blizzard, and allows you to wait out a weak weather. Single-walled walls do not protect against severe frost, but the whole structure is adapted to drain moisture outward to keep things inside in dryness. Price of a set of paddles and tents: $ 430.

The second novelty from Advenate is a rethinking of the concept of breathing for an buried man under an avalanche. Initially, the backpack pops up and inflates the pillow, which gives you a chance to stay on the surface of the snow stream. It is 50% air, so if you put on a mask that puts carbon dioxide in a special container at the bottom of the backpack, you can breathe under the snow even before 60 minutes. There is such a system from 850 euros.

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