Analysts: Chinese ASIC-Miner Ether will spoil the sales of AMD and NVIDIA

<pre>Analysts: Chinese ASIC-Miner Ether will spoil the sales of AMD and NVIDIA

The Chinese company Bitmain did not have time just a couple of weeks ago to introduce a new ASIC-miner designed for the production of Montero crypto currency, how after a few days the public was pleased with the announcement of a new device, this time “imprisoned” for the mining of Ether. According to the manufacturer, the devices will go on sale in the coming months. Against the background of such statements, AMD shares fell immediately, and one of the largest private investment firms Susquehanna LLP sharply lowered the forecast for the securities of both companies.

“At the close of trading on March 26, AMD shares fell 3.8%, and NVIDIA, on the contrary, grew by 2%, “- wrote the site

Despite not a small increase in the latter, analysts are confident that the producer of Einer miners will significantly push the position of AMD and NVIDIA in the future. Both companies depend to a lesser extent on Ethereum mining, thanks to which the first receive up to twenty percent of their profits, and the second about ten, which is also quite good.

Bitmain plans to launch new crypto-currency production equipment compatible with the Ethash algorithm in the second quarter of 2018, and it is for this period that analysts are predicting a decline in revenue for video card manufacturers.

But not everything is so bad. Analysts are sure that to save the manufacturers of video cards will be a fresh release of the gaming AAA project, which requires serious computers from computers. It sounds quite convincing, but only so far on the horizon is very sparse – so interesting gaming projects that go only on the PC and require a radical upgrade of the GPU, is not yet expected.

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