Ancestry invites users to share their DNA code to create new music.

<pre>Ancestry invites users to share their DNA code to create new music.

Each person’s DNA is unique in its own way, but what's the use if we only use it when creating offspring? Ancestry, in conjunction with the streaming music service Spotify, has launched a new project to transform data from DNA into music. To do this, only one thing is to be ready to share your genetic code with private capital.

When deciphering DNA, you can learn a lot about ancestors of a person, for example, where they come from – North Africa, Indonesia, historical Slavic lands. Were your great-grandfathers highlanders, was there even a little blood of navigators flowing in your veins, or perhaps you are a descendant of extinct peoples? This information, in the presence of a huge base of ethnic melodies, is easy to turn into a separate musical composition. Which, if it does not tell about the genealogy of a person in the literal sense, then at least it will please the ear.

Spotify is interested in new unusual music, and Ancestry is interested in new genetic data from many people. Therefore, to participate in the project, you will have to not only give the company samples for DNA analysis, but also to waiver on certain restrictions on how it can apply this data in its favor. And in return, a deciphered genetic code and a melody generator program to compose a kind of hymn to your own taste.

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