Android News # 148: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Russian Google Assistant

<pre>Android News # 148: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Russian Google Assistant

We bring to your attention the one hundred and forty-eighth edition of our weekly “Android News”. Today in the release we will talk about Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Galaxy S9, Google's assistant and much more! Below you can read the same news in the traditional text format, if you prefer.

Google's assistant will speak Russian in the coming months

Google first showed the Assistant to I / O in 2016. Since then, almost 2 years have passed. And only in a few months, Russian-speaking users of Android will be able to talk with the Assistant in their native language. But given the timing of the release of Russian-speaking Siri, we can say that Google was even faster than the competitor.

The Russian-speaking Assistant has been known for several weeks, and only now the Google account has been officially announced on the “habr”. This was necessary, because the Assistant supports the so-called Actions on Google platform, which allows developers to create applications exclusively for Google's Assistant. For example, already now, with the help of this platform, there are such applications as Nest or LG Smarter appliances, which allow using the Assistant to manage a smart house.

Google published an article for software developers who asked to start working on applications right now. For developers, this is a good chance to be among the first and thereby gain popularity. After all, the likelihood of popularity of software grows with the decline of competition.

Actions on Google allows you to develop applications (not to be confused with native applications for phones!), Based on the dialogue. They are created specifically for Google Now and give users the ability to solve their tasks with the help of your products or services. When you create an application for the Assistant, you develop dialogs for various devices, such as an oral dialog for smart speakers or a visual dialog for mobile phone screens. When launched in Russia, the Assistant will be available only on smartphones.

And we just have to wait for the developers to release enough software on the basis of Actions on Google.

Xiaomi introduced a special version of Mi Band 2 with touch controls

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi announced the imminent launch of a limited edition of the Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet made in the style of the Nirvana In Fire popular in the Middle Kingdom.

The main external difference of the special edition of Mi Band 2 from The original version is the characteristic logo of the series in place of the touch control keys. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is equipped with a 0.42-inch OLED-screen, covered with durable glass with oleophobic coating . The case of the bracelet is protected from dust and moisture according to the IP67 standard, and its weight is only 7 grams. The capacity of the Mi Band 2 battery is 70 mAh, providing it with up to 20 days of standby time.

The Mi Band is one of the most iconic products of Xiaomi, which has found the love of hundreds of thousands of consumers. Mi Band of the second generation won several prestigious awards, one of which was the German Red Dot Design – for a thoughtful and concise appearance.

Samsung developed a hybrid identification method for the Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 will receive the so-called smart scan function. The corresponding instructions were found by developers in the Android Oreo code for smart phones of the current generation. The new identification method will combine face recognition and iris scanning technology.

Along with mentioning a new way to verify the identity in the OS code, developers were able to extract a small video showing the recognition process. The new method works regardless of lighting, and therefore, it is based on a number of hardware sensors, and not just software algorithms.


By using two independent methods of personal identification, the manufacturer expects to reduce the probability of a false operation of the scanner in comparison with Face ID. Since the smart scan function captures not only the facial features, but also the iris, the smartphone will remain inaccessible even for twins.

In Russia, the mobile payment service from Huawei

Contactless payment service Huawei Pay will work in Russia. This was told to “Vedomosti” by a person familiar with the plans of the manufacturer. The launch of the digital product is expected to take place in autumn 2018. At the same time, accurate information on partner banks that will take charge of acquiring payments is not disclosed.

The Russian Federation will become the first country, besides China, where Huawei Pay will work, Vedomosti's interlocutors say. The expansion of the proprietary contactless payment service is part of the joint strategy of Huawei and the Chinese payment system Union Pay, which involved the development of the product.

At the time of launch, Huawei Pay will support about 20 smartphone and smart-clock models equipped with a near- confirmed the company representatives. After entering the Russian market, Huawei plans to launch a branded service in Eastern Europe. Their exact list is still unknown.

Google removed more than 700 thousand apps from Google Play for 2017

Two weeks ago, Google started apps that showed ads for adults. A total of 60 programs were removed, and their developers were blocked. The total figure for the past year is much larger.

In 2017, Google removed 700,000 programs from the Google Play store, reports Android Central. This is 70 percent higher than in the previous period. At the same time 99 percent of applications were withdrawn before anyone downloaded them. Machine learning systems played an important role in the cleaning process of the store.

The number of malicious applications reached 250 thousand copies. In addition, tens of thousands of programs showed unacceptable content with scenes of pornography or violence.

The efforts of the company are encouraging. I would like to see such reasons for using artificial intelligence less, and the quality of content increased.

Well, on this we have everything, see you next week!

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