Android News # 179: Presentation date of Google Pixel 3 and the new promising Galaxy

<pre>Android News # 179: Presentation date of Google Pixel 3 and the new promising Galaxy

We present to your attention the 179th edition of our weekly project “Android News”! Today we will tell you about five cameras in Nokia smartphone, Google Play loyalty program and much more. Below you can see the same news in the traditional text format.

Date and place of the presentation of the new Google Pixel

In August, rumors appeared that the third generation of smartphones Google Pixel will be presented on October 9. This week, Google confirmed this information by inviting journalists to the “Made by Google” event in New York.

On the published teaser there is an inscription “I <3 NY", where figure 3 hints at the announcement of the third generation of smartphones. In 2018, the company will be late with the announcement – the first and second generation devices were introduced on October 4, 2015 and 2017.

Two smartphones will be announced at the presentation: Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Due to leaks, their main characteristics are known in advance. The Google Pixel 3 model will get a 5.5-inch display without a cutout, and the XL will have a 6.2 or 6.7-inch screen with a huge neckline.

The devices will be equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor and a single main camera with 12 megapixels. The company will continue to prove that artificial intelligence improves the quality of photos better than a dual camera. The system “out of the box” will be Android 9 Pie.

The New Galaxy with Advanced Technology

While Apple seems to have decided to permanently abandon the idea of ​​integrating a fingerprint sensor into the display, Samsung continues to move in this direction. According to the insider MMDDJ, the South Korean vendor has almost completed work on the display scanner of prints and is almost ready to show it to the world along with its new smartphone.

If the MMDDJ information is correct, the launch of the first Samsung device with the fingerprint scanner in the display initially will be held only in China. This is due to the presence of several smartphones in the market of the Middle Kingdom with the support of a similar function, the work of which the manufacturer intends to orient in the future.

As the future Samsung smartphone with fingerprint scanners in the display will be test and will be released in limited edition, then, most likely, it will belong to the experimental line Galaxy P. In the case of a failure of the novelty, this will allow the vendor to curtail its production and imperceptibly withdraw the model from the market.

For the same reason, one should not expect a serious appl peppermint filling smartphone. Probably, Galaxy P will receive one of the processors Exynos of the average hand, 3 GB of RAM and a dual camera. It is possible that the future novelty will be an external and internal copy of the Galaxy A8, differing from it only by a display fingerprint.

Five cameras for Nokia

As reported this week, Nokia is preparing to introduce the flagship smartphone Nokia 9 immediately with five main cameras . Then the only evidence confirming the fact of developing such an unusual apparatus, was served only a snapshot of its back panel, which did not differ high detail. Thanks to SlashLeaks journalists, we can now study the main feature of the novelty in detail.

A new photo, supposedly demonstrating Nokia 9, confirms the fact of equipping the future smartphone with five photo-modules, the placer of which occupies almost the entire top of the back cover . The sixth and seventh holes, located in close proximity to the lenses, are highly likely to be a flash and a laser, contributing to timely and targeted autofocusing.

It is assumed that five cameras will allow the smartphone to achieve the highest quality of images. Using the images obtained by each module and combining them with each other, the software algorithms will provide not only the most natural colors, but also the level of detail not available to competitors' solutions.

Nokia has extensive experience in production and debugging mobile cameras. For example, a few years ago, the Finnish manufacturer introduced a breakthrough model for its time called the Nokia 808, equipped with a camera at 41 megapixels. Thanks to this resolution, the smartphone could simulate the effect of optical magnification, taking a huge picture, and then cutting out the approaching area in it, but in standard resolution.

Google Play loyalty program

Google plans to introduce a loyalty program on Google Play. This follows from the contents of the program code of the application directory, studied by developers from the XDA team. It contains a clear reference to the system of rewards for purchases that it is possible to compensate for subsequent transactions.

According to the content of the code, Google plans to charge users one point for every 90 cents spent on Google Play . As the loyalty points accumulate, the regulars of the catalog will be assigned levels – bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond – each of which will bring its preferences.

Google does not disclose details on the timing of the loyalty program, . It is not known for sure how and what users will be able to spend their accumulated points. It is possible that the search giant implements a kind of cashback familiar to cardholders.

By introducing a loyalty program on Google Play, Google expects to increase activity in the directory, thereby increasing application sales and revenue. So far, according to the reports of analysts, Android users shop on Google Play with less willingness than owners of devices on iOS – in the App Store.

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