Android smartphone in 2012 is faster than the iPhone?

<pre>Android smartphone in 2012 is faster than the iPhone?

HTC One X was my first Android smartphone. Even then, the devices of this company surprised with their appearance. In addition to the interesting appearance, the device had a very beautiful shell Sense 4. And, frankly, it was because of it I wanted to buy this device.

Over the years the device became obsolete, all applications began to slow down. But at the same time the shell itself worked smoothly. Not so long ago I decided to re-start using this device: Google Play hung very much, like all the latest applications from Market: VKontakte, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter. Sometimes I had to wait for a few seconds for the Twitter tape to move.

However, an interesting thought occurred to me: if the system itself works no worse than the current flagships, and only third-party applications hang, why not install older versions of applications? With this in mind, I found APK-files YouTube, Twitter, VKontakte and installed exactly those versions that were relevant in 2012, that is, at the time when this device was flagship.

To my great surprise, the tape on Twitter now flips perfectly smoothly. In this case, if you place an iPhone 6 next to iOS 11.3, you can make sure that HTC is much faster. Of course, if the iPhone 6 was running on iOS 8 and if it had installed versions of applications that were relevant in 2014, then Apple's flagship would work just as well.

However, there is one thing: the owners of Android devices in 2012 year, the ability to install older versions of applications is available, as is the ability to install a debris-free firmware or its older version. In the case of the iPhone, it's impossible to roll back to iOS 8, and all the owners of the old iPhone have a hard time, let's be honest.

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