Android-smartphones for power two years behind the iPhone

<pre>Android-smartphones for power two years behind the iPhone

The A-series processors, which form the hardware basis of the iPhone, outperform the solutions that Android smartphones are equipped with for almost two years. This follows from the content of the summary graphics of the processing power of chips demonstrated by ARM during the presentation of the new “stone” Cortex-A76.

According to ARM's performance data, Cortex-A76, which is by far the most recent solution, could not break even last year's A10 processor, not to mention its successor. Despite a two-year gap, ARM is obviously even proud of the results of the work done.

Experts explain this gap by the fact that Apple's processors are much more similar to Intel's Core i7 than standard mobile chipsets. Their performance will be sufficient even for use on desktop solutions, not to mention less demanding mobile devices.

It is important to understand that by the time the Cortex-A76 appears on the market, Apple will introduce the next, even more productive and innovative generation of branded chipsets. The release of the A12 processor, which will form the basis of at least three modifications of the iPhone of the 2018 model year, is expected to take place in the upcoming September.

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