Android users voted for location of fingerprint scanner

<pre>Android users voted for location of fingerprint scanner

Almost all modern smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint scanner. This is a convenient and proven technology that eliminates the need to enter passwords. There are so many smartphones with a fingerprint scanner that many variants of the scanner location were invented. And which is the most convenient?

Two years ago, our colleagues from Android Authority conducted a survey and found out that most users of smartphones running Android prefer to have a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner on the back. For two years, much has changed. There were smartphones with face recognition and a scanner built into the screen. It was decided to conduct the survey again.

51 thousand people took part in the new survey. Surprisingly, almost 40 percent chose the scanner located on the back panel again. From their point of view, this variant of location is the most convenient. About 30 percent preferred smartphones with a scanner located below the display. Only 7 percent preferred a scanner on the side, as implemented in Sony smartphones.

Only 2 percent of people are ready to refuse to use the fingerprint scanner in favor of face recognition technology.

And so, the scanner located on the back of the smartphone remains the most popular. Users who took part in the survey left their comments. They say that when you get your smartphone out of your pocket, your finger goes to the scanner on the back. It's convenient and natural.

Those users who like the scanner under the screen rightly noted that when the smartphone is on the table and you want to unlock it without lifting it, the scanner on the back panel will be completely useless. In this case, only the scanner on the front panel of the smartphone will be convenient.

Opinions are divided. Most users are happy with the scanner on the back of the smartphone, but this majority can not be called overwhelming. In addition, a survey conducted two years ago by another site shows very different results.

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