Apple confirmed the release of 70 new emoji in honor of Emoji Day

<pre>Apple confirmed the release of 70 new emoji in honor of Emoji Day

Apple is preparing to present at least 70 new emoji for the iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch. This was announced today, July 16, by representatives of the company. According to confirmed information, the release will take place this fall, along with the release of the final versions of iOS 12, macOS 10.14 and watchOS 5.

New emoji

According to company representatives, new emoji will be created on the basis of the approved Unicode 11.0 character set, an assortment of hairstyles and hues of hair, including bald, red, gray and curly, as well as expressions of faces of emoticons like begging and frozen.

“This year will feature many additional sports icons, symbols and other images, including marketing icons superhero, softball, Nazar amulet and infinity symbol – promised by the company. – Currently, thousands of emoji characters are available in iOS, watchOS and macOS […].

Why Emoji is needed

Apple pays great attention to emoji, regularly updating the available assortment. Emoji and emoticons emotionally color the correspondence in “Messages”, making it even more expressive and allowing users to share their mood with the recipient of messages.

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