Apple figured out how to prevent the dropping of AirPods

<pre>Apple figured out how to prevent the dropping of AirPods

Apple can begin production of fixatives for AirPods, thanks to which the headphones will be denser to sit in the ears. This is indicated by a new patent issued to the company's engineers by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The development is a simple “spacer” made of plastic material, which will be very useful for athletes and recreational enthusiasts.

Unlike the clamps produced by Chinese manufacturers, Apple's solution – at least on the drawings – looks more thoughtful. So, the brand accessory for all its simplicity will promote air circulation due to hollow “struts”. Thus, it will be possible to prevent buildup of pressure in the speakers, thereby improving the sound quality and strengthening the bass.

Given the cheapness of the production of this kind of accessory, it can be assumed that Apple will supply it together with AirPods one of the next generations. In any case, this is how the manufacturer comes with wireless BeatsX headphones, supplementing the standard package with similar clips. At the same time, BeatsX retailers are even cheaper than AirPods.

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