Apple Finally Addresses MacBook Keyboard Issue With Free Repairs

<pre>Apple Finally Addresses MacBook Keyboard Issue With Free Repairs

After the remaining quiet on the public, problems are revealed, Apple on Friday announced a free repair service for MacBook and MacBook Pro models with the faulty keyboards.

Owners of MacBook laptops with faulty keyboards are getting some relief. Apple is going to fix them for free.

On Friday, the company announced the repair program, which applies to MacBook and MacBook Pro models with keyboards that unexpectedly repeat letters, fail to type them, feel “sticky,” or respond inconsistently .

Apple said the problems involved only a “small percentage” of laptop keyboards. But the malfunctions have been reported, with critics pointing to the ultra-thin “butterfly” switches inside the technology as the key culprit. Apparently, the switches are so delicate that the mere presence of dust can force them to fail. And unfortunately, fixing the problem is not easy; at worst, it can involve replacing the entire keyboard.

In Friday's notice, Apple made no mention to the keyboards were faulty. Nor did it say the new replacement keyboards will remain error-free. The company simply said the repair service applies to MacBooks and MacBook Pros models from 2015 and onward, when the company began switching over to the butterfly keyboards.

Presumably, the company is sticking with the butterfly switches. And according to The Outline, the keyboard repairs Apple has been offered in the past, not permanently fixing the typing errors

Apple announced the repair program after customers started filing class action lawsuits against the company over the flaky keyboards. One of the lawsuit claims that thousands of consumers were charged with the keyboards ranged between $ 400 to $ 700.

“Apple knew or should have known of the butterfly keyboard defects before the Laptops were ever sold to the public,” lawsuit alleges.

To use the repair program, eligible MacBook owners need to make an appointment at an Apple store or find an authorized company service provider.

If you paid for for the expensive keyboard repair in the past, Apple said it will offer you a refund. All you have to do is contact the company.

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