Apple news, 272 release: presentation of new iPhone and available HomePod

<pre>Apple news, 272 release: presentation of new iPhone and available HomePod

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program Apple News. Today we will talk about the presentation of Apple, available HomePod and much more.

1. On Thursday, Apple sent out invitations to its annual September presentation. While users are guessing at what the logo is hinting at the invitation and trying to find in it the confirmation of the output of certain products, as it happens every presentation, analysts are trying to predict what Apple will present based on their research.

So, for example, we were promised that the company will present at once three models of the iPhone, which will continue the tradition of the models already released. Also, according to forecasts, should not do without the release of the updated iPad, which will receive FaceID face recognition system, which was previously found only in the iPhone X.

Updates, according to rumors, are waiting for Apple Watch, which will come out under the name Series 4 and, despite to maintain the dimensions of the case, with all the following features, including compatibility with old straps, will receive an enlarged display, made with the new technology. Also, the watch should be equipped with new biometric sensors, but there are too many opinions about what the sensors will be, and not all of them are like the truth

Another significant expectation is the update of the MacBook Air, which has not been updated for a very long time and is still the only Apple laptop without the support of a Retina display.

What we will be shown, we do not know for sure yet, but we will definitely talk about it live on Follow the news on our website and you will not miss any interesting details of this event.

2. In Cupertino decided to thoroughly take up the theater of Steve Jobs! The company filed an appropriate patent, which will allow to fix the copyrights and make the building an exclusive company, copying of which will be a big problem. Recall that the theater of Steve Jobs was opened last year and held a presentation of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Now no one can reproduce the building, since Apple took care of its uniqueness as much as possible, detailing in the patent not only the complete scheme of all the internal premises and most of the communications, but even the height and pattern of planting trees around it.

3. The opinions of many experts agree that the new iPhone is not exactly lacking in attention. In their view, the iPhone not yet represented will be more in demand than all previous models and it will be able to set a new sales record.

Based on communication with representatives of component manufacturers, experts even could calculate that Apple plans to sell 70-75 million new iPhone before the end of the year. This is confirmed by the fact that some manufacturers, for example, TSMC and Foxconn, even opened additional production lines to meet the forecasted demand.

4. If suddenly you wanted to buy a rare prototype iPhone, then maybe you again had a chance. So, on eBay appeared a device that, according to the seller, is nothing more than the first prototype of the iPhone launch model, which changed the industry beyond recognition. For the device ask 12 000 dollars.

The prototype weighs a little more than the device that went on sale. On its back wall is engraved the information with the designation of the prototype version, the supported interface and GSM-frequencies. It runs under the test assembly of the operating system with a minimum set of functions.

5. This week Apple updated one of its routers, which is already out of production. It's about AirPort Express. On the night of August 28 to August 29, he received not only on-duty updates, but also support for the second generation AirPlay. One can only thank the company that made such a good present to millions of AirPort Express users.

Thanks to the fact that AirPort Express can now be added to the Home application and can also connect external audio equipment via AUX, users can remotely activate music playback, including number, by submitting an appropriate voice command.

6. Despite the fact that now all attention is focused on the September presentation of Apple, this does not prevent analysts from discussing the novelties of the next year. Given the secrecy of the products being developed, forecasts are not always correct. However, some information on the new products of 2019 still managed to get employees of the research company Barclays after meeting with Apple suppliers.

According to the published report, in 2019, Apple plans to release the second generation of wireless headphones AirPods and the budget version of the HomePod column. In addition, the company will finally abandon 3D Touch technology in the iPhone model line.
Rumors about the alleged release of the second version of AirPods have been going for a long time. It is unlikely that the new model will significantly differ from existing headphones, however, a number of sources say that they will receive a noise reduction system and support the function “Hi, Siri.”

At the same time, the cost of an updated model of headphones can be slightly higher. The estimated sales start date is the end of 2019.

As for the new smart-column, according to analysts, the new product should become a kind of “affordable” alternative to HomePod. It is likely that the updated speaker will go on sale under the Beats brand. Its value should not exceed the mark of $ 149.

Now about the 3D Touch. The abandonment of this technology in the iPhone has been brewing for a long time, given its low popularity and high cost in production. However, as the authors of the report note, this information is not yet accurate, and Apple's plans can change at any time.

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