Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 11.2.5 for developers

<pre>Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 11.2.5 for developers

Just one day after the release of the fourth beta iOS 11.2.5, Apple released the fifth build of the mobile operating system. According to the established tradition, the update is already available for download to registered developers by air and at the Developer Center on the company's official website.

Unlike the third beta version of iOS 11.2.5, when created, Apple developers focused on expanding Siri skills in issuing topical news, the fourth and fifth assemblies, obviously, are designed to increase the speed and security of mobile operating systems.

It is expected that the launch of the final version of iOS 11.2.5 will take place no later than February and will be timed to appear in the Even the dynamics of HomePod. The release of the latter, originally scheduled for December 2017, was unexpectedly postponed due to unnamed problems in the operation of the device.

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