Apple took a new step towards streaming video service

<pre>Apple took a new step towards streaming video service

Apple has joined the Alliance for Open Media technology consortium to work together on a new video compression standard, AV1, CNET reports. Earlier, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, Intel and many other world IT corporations entered the development alliance.

“Our project pursues a win-win goal – the creation of a new effective video codec AV1,” the consortium describes its mission. “Thanks to the contribution of all the members of the Alliance, we hope for a wide circulation [видеокодека] in the field of multimedia streaming.”

It is possible that AV1 can be based on the experience of Apple, which it received when adapting the HEVC codec. About its compatibility with Apple devices was announced in the summer of 2016 at the WWDC conference as part of the presentation of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. It provides better compression of data than H.264.

Apple's desire to devote itself to the development of a new compression format for commercials can serve as an indirect confirmation of rumors about the company's intentions to launch its own video service. According to some reports, Apple's total investment in the new project will be several billion dollars.

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