Apple will offer a month of free access to iCloud

<pre>Apple will offer a month of free access to iCloud

Apple will give one month free use of the extended space in iCloud when switching to a paid fare. Apparently, the company finally began to listen to the numerous requests of users. Let it is not quite what consumers expected, but this is definitely a step forward.

Ironically, the company does not offer this opportunity directly. To get a free month for a paid tariff, you need to fulfill certain conditions. To do this, the owner must create a backup copy of his iOS device in iCloud. In the event that the free space is not enough, there is an offer to update the tariff to a paid one, taking into account that the first month will be free. This option applies to all plans, including the most expensive.

After the end of the trial month, the service will charge the standard subscription amount.

If you already use a paid tariff plan, then, unfortunately, nothing happens. You can only use the offer once.

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