Apple’s TV series will be free for iPhone and Apple TV users

<pre>Apple’s TV series will be free for iPhone and Apple TV users

Apple plans to distribute part of the exclusive video content among users of proprietary devices absolutely free. This writes the American television channel CNBC, citing informed sources. It is reported that the new TV shows are likely to be released as part of streaming video service Apple, whose release is expected no later than 2019, but for their viewing will not be charged. Thus, Apple plans to draw more attention to its own distribution platform for films and TV shows.

Producing its own video content will allow Apple to become on par with Netflix, which also creates movies and TV shows that will appear in the same-name service of the company. This may indicate that in Cupertino, distribution of films and TV shows is considered as one of the preferred areas of development in the future and they plan to establish themselves in the industry.

Apple video service

“According to people familiar with the situation, Apple is preparing A new digital video service that combines the original content [самой Apple] and the content of third-party media companies. Owners of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs will be able to access the service directly from the pre-installed Video application, confirmed by people who asked not to call their names, ”the report says CNBC.

To attract the widest The audience to the proprietary video service, Apple is focused on creating a TV show with a PG rating. This abbreviation refers to films intended for viewing by children from the age of 13 years. Such an age, according to Cupertino, is optimal for involvement in the Apple branded ecosystem, suggesting a sufficient number of rights to use most of the company's products without hindrance.

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