Arculus Onyx – ultra light stedikam for fans of extreme shooting

<pre>Arculus Onyx - ultra light stedikam for fans of extreme shooting

Fans of extreme sports, shooting their achievements on video, usually use cameras with motorized stabilizers, however, as practice shows, their weak point is poor security. Improved stedikam for video cameras Arculus Onyx is spared this problem.

Its creators are the brothers Jeffrey and Jimmy Desborough from New Zealand. The body of their steadicam consists of a titanium “skeleton” made by laser sintering and a shell of carbon fiber.

Inside the case there is a set of brushless motors that automatically rotate, tilt and even invert the installed DSLR digital camera or video camera weighing up to 2 kg to compensate for their oscillations and displacements.

For management, a 32-bit panel with four removable batteries, designed for 8 hours of operation, responds. The total weight of the device is 1,280 kg. An important addition to the management system is an application for a smartphone with a wireless connection, through which users can customize Arculus Onyx to various modes. Here are just a few of them:

  • Follow Pan – smoothes pan motion;
  • Pan + Tilt – smoothes pan and tilt while automatically saving the horizon;
  • Lock Axis – allows the operator to focus on a particular object with pan, tilt and turn lock.
  • ] It can also be used to shoot video clips with time and hyperlaps (one frame in a few seconds while the photographer is moving).

    Arculus Onyx can be purchased at Kickstarter, donating about 1800 US dollars.

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