Are you using the same smartphone model as Kim Jong Un? – Tech News

Despite being isolated from the West, North Korea's ruling class has a taste for Western technology, including phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X. — dpa
North Korea's leader may be considered something of an outsider to Western ways, and yet it's quite possible you are using the same smartphone model as the secretive dictator.

US cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, who analysed the types of technology used by the North Korean ruling class. “

” Our analysis indicates that numerous “American and Western-manufactured devices are used by the North Korean elite to access the global Internet,” the company said on its website .

Among the devices in use are Apple iPhone 4s model to the recent iPhone X – and Samsung's popular Galaxy S7 and S8.

Much speculation has been made about the precise model Kim Jong Un, who has been seen in the state of the media, with photos of what appears to be a smartphone hidden inside a larger case.

“At most, only the inner circle of North Korea's leadership, such as part y, military and intelligence leaders and their families, are allowed to own computers and independently utilize the global Internet, “the study of authors said.

The research, which compiled information on North Korea's technology (19659001) Apple MacBooks and Windows laptops are also among the other devices used by the North Korean elite to access the Internet, according to the analysis. – dpa

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