Artificial Intelligence Google redoubled efforts in news coverage

<pre>Artificial Intelligence Google redoubled efforts in news coverage

In its updated news app, Google doubled the use of artificial intelligence as part of its efforts to combat misinformation and help users get to know the points of view beyond their own “filter bubble”. The head of Google Sundar Pichai, who introduced the updated Google News earlier this month, said that “now the application presents the news you are interested in from trusted sources, while providing a full range of viewpoints on events.”

Google seriously plans to be in the center of online news and will try to help publishers get paid subscribers through the platform of the techno giant. According to TristanAstilla, the main developer of the product, the news app “uses the best from artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence – excellent reporting that comes from journalists from around the world.”

While the application will allow users to receive “personalized” news , it will also include the most popular stories for all readers, trying to break the so-called filtering bubble of information that strengthens people's prejudices and prejudices.

“To have a conversation or argument productive, everyone should have access to the same information,” says Upstill.

He says that “total coverage” will be the same for everyone – “an un-personalized view of events from a number of reliable sources of news. “

However, some veterans of the journalism industry were skeptical about efforts to replace human editor-curators by machines.

” Fantasies about algorithmically personalized news have existed for a long time, “says Professor of Journalism New York University Meredith Broussard. “Nobody did it right. I think news designers and home page editors are already doing a good job of supervising. “

Do not forget that Google and Facebook were criticized for taking away most of the profits from online advertising, and for distributing false information. Let's see what will change this time.

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