Asian smartphone makers copying iPhone X display notch – Tech News

Blackview, a Chinese smartphone brand, is one of many Asian manufacturers to have copied the distinctive cutout notch at the top of the iPhone X. — dpa
In some tech blogs, the X screen has been criticized and even ridiculed. But that has not been stopped by Asian manufacturers from copying the controversial design with enthusiasm.

At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​several large-screen phones were on the screen.

However, instead of using the space to house, facial recognition sensors like the iPhone, the newer phones use the notch for more mundane things like speakers and front cameras.

The best-known manufacturer of the iPhone X is Asus, which is presented by its new Zenfone 5 at the congress. The Taiwanese company said its display was not 26% smaller than that of the iPhone.

At least half a dozen brands, many of these phones are cheap, costing under US $ 200 (RM783) ) and in some cases under US $ 100 (RM391). The iPhone X, in contrast, starts at US $ 999 (RM3,910) in the United States before taxes. – dpa

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