Asus has released a mixed-reality headset HC102

<pre>Asus has released a mixed-reality headset HC102

The mixed-reality headset Asus, presented at the IFA 2017, finally arrived in retail. Experts assumed that the cost of the device would be sky-high, based on the cost of the same Microsoft HoloLens, but in fact everything was not so scary. Asus HC102 bundled with two motion controllers will cost $ 429 for everyone.

The device received two 2.89-inch displays, the total resolution of which is 2880 by 1440 points. The viewing angle is equal to 95 degrees, and the refresh rate is 90 Hz. This is quite enough for comfortable work with applications created for virtual or augmented reality, as well as for launching video games. Recall that this headset is released on the basis of the Windows Mixed Reality platform and works exclusively in conjunction with the operating system Windows 10.

The MR-headset also boasts the presence of interfaces HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, Bluetooth and 3.5 mm jack for headphones. Tracking the position of the headset in space is carried out with the help of built-in sensors and cameras, that is, it does not need any external sensors and cameras. The weight of the device is 400 grams. The HC102 will not take more than 10 minutes to reach the user. But after that, the owners of the device will have access to more than 20 000 applications that are compatible with the headset and have VR-functionality.

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