Australian regulator flags scrutiny of Uber Eats – Tech News

Uber said that Uber Eats is merely a 'marketplace that connects restaurants with delivery partners'. — Reuters

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported several restaurateurs were disgruntled with the contract terms they said, left them, and not Uber, responsible for late deliveries.

“Certainly, we'll have a look at it,” Rod Sims, head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, told ABC Radio when asked about the report.

“We have three bits of the law we can deal with here. One is business, they are dealing with? Two is: Are they engaged in unconscionable conduct, And they work unfair? So, there's a lot to look at there, “he said.

Uber, which is said to be “consistent with Australian law”.

“Restaurants are not locked in, just like delivery partners and eaters. Uber Eats is just one option.

Uber, which is preparing for a potential initial public offering in 2019, lost US $ 4.5bil (RM17.5bil) last year and is facing fierce competition at home in the United States was the leverage of the company's impact on the traditional taxi industry. – Reuters

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