Australian students have developed a smart roulette for blind people

<pre>Australian students have developed a smart roulette for blind people

One day, a student at the Queensland University of Technology, with a visual impairment, did house repairs and was confronted with the problem of obtaining accurate data on the size of objects. This led to the creation of the student project “Macaron” (Macaron) – to make such a universal measuring device, which would not be more difficult than the roulette, but at the same time processed the information in a different way. For example, it made it more accessible for people with disabilities.

Structurally, Macaroni is a tape measure with a flexible spring-loaded tape and a tail hook, which is unrolled and fixed in the desired position. At this point, the gadget announces the distance to which the tape is stretched, the information is duplicated on the display, and if you press the button, the data will be transferred to the application on the smartphone. The button has a reverse tactile connection, so as not to be mistaken with the recording of information.

The collected data on measurements can be studied, and in case something is forgotten to measure, you can make a list in advance, which will be announced as you work and be checked at the end. All control is voice, the device is specially adapted to the habits and behavior of people with impaired vision. The Macaron team outscored 25 rivals and won the Australian James Dyson Award, receiving a $ 2570 award. Now they need to win an international competition in order to get the main award – almost 40 thousand dollars – to start the production of their invention.

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