Bionic fins with removable blades can revolutionize diving

<pre>Bionic fins with removable blades can revolutionize diving

Canadian company Cetatek has launched the start-up ABS (aquatic binding system) – a device for scuba diving in the form of fins with a collapsible design. It is claimed that this is the first of its kind invention, and it at once supplants the traditional types of fins, both whole and with a strap for fastening on the foot. But only in that case, of course, if the project will collect the necessary amount of investment.

ABS is a universal platform for fastening all types of fins in the most simple and convenient way. At its core, a boot made of durable polyurethane, which protects the foot of a swimmer, allows you to climb the rocks, step on corals and tolerate injections of marine life. On the toe, there is a fastening mechanism for the fins, arranged by analogy with the snaps of the boots to the mountain skis: inserted, closed, floated.

On land, the swimmer moves in ABS shoes. Then he fastens to them the type of fins that he needs for the current target and goes under the water. It can be a standard version for beginners, huge blades for freediving, fins for underwater hunting or a shortened version for snorkeling. Replacement is also easy and simple, you just need to have the appropriate kit at hand.

The retail price of ABS with a pair of non-carbon fins is $ 299, for a special carbon model for professional swimming will have to pay.

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