BMW Adding AI Voice Assistant to Its Cars

<pre>BMW Adding AI Voice Assistant to Its Cars

Saying 'Hey BMW' will let drivers change the temperature, find routes, or get information about their car. Integration with Alexa and other voice assistants could be on the horizon, too.

BMW owners will soon be able to use voice commands to turn on lights or air conditioning, change the radio, and more.

Starting in March 2019, BMW's proprietary voice assistant will come to the new BMW X5, Z4, and 8 Series models fitted with BMW Operating System 7.0. Instead of opting for Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa, BMW created its own assistant, which is activated by the phrase “Hey BMW.”

That said, BMW has hinted that its assistant will be compatible with other digital assistants like Alexa, and could intergrate with other hardware. “

BMW's system does beat the better-known voice assistants in one area : you can set a dedicated name for it (the examples are for “charlie” or “Joy”) for greater individuality.

The car maker's Intelligent Personal Assistant taps into BMW's Open Mobility Cloud and artificial intelligence to learn routines and habits, so you can simply say “Take me home.” Similarly, saying “I'm cold” will drop the temperature.

It's also there to give status information, explain different BMW functions, or check your messages, as well as alerting the driver to problems like low tire pressure. [19659003] BMW is not the first car manufacturer

BMW is not the first car manufacturer to go forward with his own voice assistant. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (“Hey, Mercedes”) can change the temperature or search for nearby restaurants, among other things. It is also compatible with Amazon and Google.

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