Bored of catching Pokemon? Catch ghosts with Ghostbusters World – Tech News

<pre>Bored of catching Pokemon? Catch ghosts with Ghostbusters World - Tech News

You are not afraid of no ghosts?

Then the Ghostbusters World game might just be the alternative to Pokémon.

According to the Verge, a demo version of Ghostbusters, the last of which was released in the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, which let players blast ghosts with a proton pack to capture them, instead of using Pokéballs to catch little monsters.

Unlike Pokémon Go, which was built on top of the data from Niantic's earlier game Ingress, this game was built in. [19659002] Verge, which got to try the demo, says players have four different proton packs that range in blast power, like how Pokémon Go has Great Balls.

Players can get more items to fight.

The game also tracks players' movement using the phone pedometer, rewarding long walks by hatching Ectoplasms.

The Verge writer called the game “Pokémon Go, but with ghosts”, but it is revealed that Ghostbusters World will also have player-versus-player fighting and a Story Mode scripted by writers of the Ghostbusters comics from IDW Publishing.

The demo also had an in-game chat feature, though it could be cut if it proves too hard to moderate.

Ghostbusters World is expected to launch later this year on iOS and Android with around 150 ghosts to capture. Got to catch them all?

Currently, the game's website only has a trailer and links to its social media pages.

Columbia Pictures Industries, Korean mobile game design company 4:33 Creative Lab and NextAge Co Ltd Who made a Walking Dead AR game.

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