BREATH (BRH) – Mining as an art

<pre>BREATH (BRH) - Mining as an art

Max Dovey is a British artist-actionist who tells in his works about technologies and digital culture through various installations. At the recent exhibition held within the framework of the Neon Digital Art Festival, the artist presented his new project Breath (BRH), whose center was a man in an oxygen mask connected to a spirometer and a microcomputer, which clears the crypto currency with his breath.

The spirometer reads the volumes of the inhaled and exhaled by the air, and then hashes this data into the block. Accordingly, the more volume of lungs in a person, the more it will be mined in the process of breathing. The frequency of breathing influences the amount of the currency produced, so if the user becomes more likely to breathe, the speed of mining also increases. Now this art spirometer for mining knows how to produce only one crypto currency – Monero, and that one can not get as much as we would like – during the exhibition all participants of the installation were able to jointly blame about 0.03 British pound sterling (0.000226495645 XMR, 0.00000378 BTC).

The Breath (BRH) art project tells the story in which the body became a biological system for the production of capital, and breathing itself became a universal currency that united markets and turned man into a new kind of Homo Economicus.

shareholder first attempt namaynit cryptocurrency using your own body. Recently, Danish engineers have created a suit for mining, which turns the heat of the body into energy, which the suit lets in the business, producing crypto currency.

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