Britain's supply of electric cars at risk from Brexit: think-tank – Tech News

According to a report Britain was the third largest market for zero emission vehicles in the EU last year and the largest for plug-in hybrids. — AFP

Because of the British sales, the European Union, the Transport and Environment (T & E) group warned.

Britain was the third largest market for zero “Carmakers may simply opt to dump their less efficient models in the UK market,” said Cecile Toubeau of T & E.

19659002] A shortage of electric and hybrid cars would be a blow to the British government's claims that it is aimed at a so-called “Green Brexit” with environmental standards. . Brexit also risks hitting the wider The British car industry, the group warned.

Up to 6,700 British auto sector jobs – one tenth of the current workforce – could be lost if Britain leaves the EU without a full divorce deal, T & E said. A so-called “Hard Brexit” would see cars in the UK becoming 10% more expensive if they had to be traded under the World Trade Organization (WTO). “This loss of competitiveness, along with the administrative burden and delays linked to increased customs checks, could be a positive incentive for relocating to the EU,” it said.

The fate of British auto production after Brexit has been a major concern for Prime Minister Theresa May, who has pleaded for certain economic sectors to be allowed to keep the seamless trade links to Europe.

In March the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) said that Britain is the largest manufacturing sector – most of which is foreign was responsible for Brexit. – AFP Relaxnews

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