California launches experiment with unconditional base income

<pre>California launches experiment with unconditional base income

Mayor of Stockton in California, Michael Tubbs, plans in the near future to launch in the test mode a program for the accrual of residents with an unconditional base income. While it is not clear what amount will be discussed, it is known that about 100 families of citizens will receive money for a period of two years. Payments are not tied to the current financial situation, they are the same, and you can spend dollars on anything.

From the economic point of view, aid is almost symbolic, so the program is presented as an experiment. The internal financial situation in Stockton is so deplorable that if such a basic income breathes life into the city and gives people back optimism, then it will be possible to talk about creating a new economic tool. Or about the failure of the idea, as it happened recently in Finland, where a similar program was canceled for a number of reasons in the middle of the project.

The idea of ​​Michael Tubbs sincerely outraged the inhabitants of the neighboring Silicon Valley, where they bluntly stated that even with such help the poor could not launch their start-up, open a profitable business. Why, then, give them money, and even from the state budget? The very idea of ​​basic income is always met with bayonets by conservative politicians, and in fact Californians still can not forgive that in the last elections the president of the country was not their candidate.

However, in defense of the idea of ​​basic income, there is a powerful and obvious argument – in the USA monstrously expensive training, and without financial recharge people can not re-qualify and change their profession. For those who lost their jobs due to the total automation of business processes, this is almost the last chance to re-find a place in life. Or at least escape from the “doomed state,” as California is now called because of the country's highest difference in living standards between the rich and the poor.

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