Can I be blinded by the blue light emitted by smartphones

<pre>Can I be blinded by the blue light emitted by smartphones

The harm caused by blue screens emitted by smartphones and tablets is limited by the deterioration in the quality of users' sleep, but does not adversely affect vision, as pseudo-experts teach us. According to the researchers of the American Association of Ophthalmologists, which includes practicing doctors of the highest category, a long pastime with your smartphone will not only not make you blind, but also can not activate the genetic predisposition to loss of vision.

Indeed, blue light blocks the production of the hormone melatonin. He is responsible for regulating the circadian rhythms of our body, or, more simply, makes us want to sleep at night, and in the daytime – to stay awake. The prolonged exposure to blue light knocks down the biological clock, causing them to go late, and thus causing insomnia, but never blindness.

How harmful is the blue light in reality

Where then did the rumors that blue light provoke manifestations myopia (myopia), and in some cases causes other, even more dangerous eye diseases? Like many myths, this arose literally on an equal footing.

Ophthalmic physicians have indeed documented cases of temporary deterioration of vision during prolonged interaction with a smartphone or tablet in the dark. True, this effect can be manifested only if you look at the screen with one eye, and keep the other closed. It is because one eye consumes light and the other does not perceive anything but darkness that there is a disorientation of the brain, which is reflected in a minute impairment of vision.

How to keep sight when working with smartphones

Another myth that dispelled American Association of Ophthalmologists, – the use of glasses with a coating to protect against blue light. As noted by the authors of the study, their effectiveness has not been fully confirmed in the course of multiple experiments, and the only way to protect yourself from the negative impact of blue light is still to minimize the time spent with electronic devices.

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