Canadian Belleville residents can now call buses to their stop.

<pre>Canadian Belleville residents can now call buses to their stop.

In the small town of Belleville, in the east of the province of Ontario (Canada), the local transport company Belleville Transit is conducting an experiment that in a short time can significantly change the situation in public transport throughout North America. customers call the bus to the nearest bus stop at night. Belleville with a population of 50,000 people is the best suited for such an experiment. It will last a year, and if the idea of ​​“Uber for buses” is viable, it will be used in the daytime.

Using the special Belleville Transit app, potential passengers will report the travel time, route and disembarkation point. The software constantly updates the database of planned routes in order to deliver passengers to their destination as quickly as possible. The next stage in the promotion of an ambitious project is a partnership with companies like Uber.

The Belleville Transit application is developed by Pantonium (Canada). Initially, the software was intended for US companies engaged in the transportation of people with low incomes to the place of receiving medical and social services. However, it soon became clear that they would also benefit from the operators of transport passenger companies to increase efficiency in areas with low population density.

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