Canadian single-seat electric car will start selling at the end of 2018

<pre>Canadian single-seat electric car will start selling at the end of 2018

Electra Meccanica, a car startup from Canada, has developed a miniature city electric car on three wheels, which it intends to begin selling by the end of 2018.

The date for the start of serial production had to be postponed several times due to lack of financing and other problems, but now the head of the company assures that sales will start according to the plan. In the US, a miniature electric car will be available for only $ 15,000.

The Solo car can reach speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour, and the vehicle's power reserve on one charge is 150 kilometers. Solo's battery is charged in three hours from an ordinary outlet – solid pluses for urban residents, not to mention the fact that thanks to its dimensions the car has turned out to be very maneuverable and light.

Weighs only 600 kilograms, made of lightweight composite materials, and under the hood he has an electric motor with a capacity of 61 kW, accelerating the car to 100 kilometers in just 8 seconds.

It's unlikely to travel on such a typewriter, but the electric car's requirements correspond to the requirements of urban residents.

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