Catching shrimps using big data and digital tools – Tech News

Farmers can analyse everything from the size of shrimp and feeding patterns to water quality and weather on devices including phones and tablets. — AFP

Cargill Inc plans to offer large data to boost shrimp production, expanding technology tools that bolster agriculture to aquaculture.

Predictive software that relies on machine learning and sensors will help farmers water quality and weather on devices, including phones and tablets, executives from the Minneapolis-based company said.

Cargill, one of the world's biggest agriculture companies, has been harnessed. In January, the company said it was backing an Irish startup that uses facial recognition to help increase milk output from cows.

Last year, it was offered an application for reams of data to make the animals more comfortable and productive.

“This is really helping farmers to make faster and more informed decisions,” Neil Wendover, Cargill's digital insights product-line director for aquaculture, said in a telephone interview. – Bloomberg

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