CES 2018: Who, when and what will he submit?

<pre>CES 2018: Who, when and what will he submit?

CES 2018 is waiting for bright announcements. However, not only smartphones will be shown at the exhibition. But fans of the Android operating system and the wonderful devices based on it, of course, it will be interesting to learn first and foremost on what days of the exhibition the audience will be pleased with the leading vendors of smart phones. The answer to this question has already appeared on the Web. However, one very interesting novelty was shown even before the exhibition.

CES 2018, which will soon begin, will be one of the most grandiose technological shows of the recently started year. In just a few days in Las Vegas will see the light of novelties and technologies, which in many ways will determine the development of the industry for the whole year. Since the theme of the exhibition are consumer-grade products, CES is most interesting for users. A number of companies will present their devices and other developments during the forthcoming event. What days do users expect what announcements? In more detail, this interesting topic was considered by Peter K. on the pages of the resource phonearena.com.

Among the new devices that will please CES 2018, may be the flagship of Sony. But other companies will also please the public with their impressive phones that belong to the generations of their lines of the new technological season.

On January 7, 2018, the presentation of the Honor sub-brand of one of the leading vendors of the modern smartphone market, Huawei, artificial intelligence (Maya, Salina or Honor 1). Innovation, undoubtedly, refers to those aspects that attract the attention of users in the first place. After all, users do not doubt the performance of the hardware of modern smartphones. And the main role is played by those functions that are capable of providing new devices and which were not used in smartphones before.

On January 8 of the current year several presentations will take place at once. LG, probably, will show the public version of Raspberry Rose LG V30. What will please the BlackBerry, it is still difficult to imagine, but the company's presentation is also scheduled for this day. Then the leader of the smartphone market, Samsung, will hold its presentation, during which a broad audience can be shown middle-class devices, rather than the flagships that traditionally attract much more attention to themselves. The final “smartphone presentation” of the day will be the Sony event, during which, as noted above, the new Xperia flagship can debut before the public.

On January 9, 2018, Huawei will be presented. It is assumed that this will expand the company's presence in the United States market.

However, not all interesting announcements of the beginning of the year will be made during the CES. Some vendors are already beginning to show the public their novelties. The Energizer brand is known primarily for its batteries. But it pleases users and smart phones.

No matter how good modern devices are, sometimes their batteries are not enough to charge even for one day of use. Energizer's new Android smartphone Energizer Power Max P600s, reviewed by Peter on the pages of the gsmarena.com resource, refers to devices with capacious batteries.

 Energizer Power Max P600s

Equipped with a 4500 mAh battery, he , reportedly able to provide “more than twelve hours in use” and 16 days of standby time, which are remarkable indicators for a modern digital device.

The thickness of the smartphone is 9.8 millimeters, which is somewhat larger than might have been expected . After all, the Mate 10 Pro, equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, has a thickness of only 7.9 millimeters.

The Energizer Power Max P600s is a device whose body color determines not only its design but also is a hallmark of a certain hardware configuration the novelty under consideration. The black version of the device is equipped with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of built-in storage. In the blue version, these technical parameters that are most important for any computer device are doubling. It is already characterized by 6 gigabytes of RAM and a 64-gigabyte built-in storage. However, the device is equipped with a slot for microSD memory cards, which will please those users who have insufficient capacity of the built-in drive.

Energizer Power Max P600s, like many modern smart phones, is equipped with a screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9. The display of the novelty became 5.99-inch and features a resolution of 1080p +. The rounded corners of the device allow it to look more modern.

The Energizer Power Max P600s is equipped with the Helio P25 chipset, which is not among the most high-performance ones. But after all, the task of this smartphone is to surprise users primarily with battery life, not with the flagship hardware. The software of the device under consideration is based on the operating system Android 7.0 Nougat.

On the back of the novelty is a dual camera from Samsung, in which a 13-megapixel sensor is combined with a 5-megapixel sensor. The trend camera in the smartphone of the famous brand will not surprise anyone, since the company equipped with a dual camera device saw the light on MWC. This is the Energy E550LTE previously considered. The front panel of the smartphone Energizer Power Max P600s is equipped with an 8-megapixel self-camera camera with flash.

A number of retailers will begin selling the new phone in mid-January. To date, information about the price versions of the device was not announced.

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