China accused of stealing secrets from American tech giants

<pre>China accused of stealing secrets from American tech giants

Tiny chips that were being introduced into American computer equipment made in China were used as part of Beijing’s efforts to steal American technological secrets, a report released Thursday said. Bloomberg claims that these chips the size of a grain of rice were supplied with equipment that was manufactured for Amazon, which first notified US authorities, and Apple, as well as other companies and government agencies. Bloomberg reports that a secret three-year investigation, which is still ongoing, allowed spies to create a “hidden doorway” in computer hardware, a hardware recording method that would be harder to detect than hacking software.

Referring to unnamed US officials, Bloomberg says that a division of the People’s Liberation Army of China participated in the operation of placing chips on equipment. The chips were located in China on the equipment of the American Supermicro Computer.

China steals American secrets?

Supermicro, according to Bloomberg, also manufactures equipment for data centers of the Ministry of Defense, for unmanned CIA operations and onboard networks of the Navy ships. Amazon discovered the problem when it acquired the software company Elemental and began reviewing the security of equipment created for Elemental by the California-based Supermicro.

Spy chips were made for motherboards — nerve centers of computer equipment — that are used at Apple data centers, Amazon Web Services and other companies . Apple said it “never found malicious chips,” “hardware manipulations,” or “vulnerabilities deliberately embedded in any server.”

Supermicro did not comment on the incident, but denies any espionage or fraud allegations. [19659005] Do you think there is some truth in this? Tell us in our chat in Telegram.

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