China has earned a giant smog cleaner on solar energy

<pre>China has earned a giant smog cleaner on solar energy

A lot of breathing in the poisoned air during the formation of industry, now the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom do not spare money for innovative projects to improve the environment. A few days ago in Xi'an, a hybrid installation of smog absorption worth $ 2 million was put into production capacity. It occupies 10 square meters. km area and consists of a huge pipe and array of solar collectors.

The main advantage of the prototype of the “Xian anti-saga” is that it works in a passive mode. A huge array of glass roofs on the ground serves to catch sunlight, which heats the air and that gravity rushes upwards – into a pipe 18 m high. In the pipe, gases pass through a series of filters, so that the air is already conditioned air.

 Antismog Tower

Conditionally – because official data on the results of the filtering is still not published. The plant began operation in January 2018, it passes 5-8 million m3 of air per day and at peak pollution in the winter heating periods showed stable operation. Indirect data from pollution sensors in neighboring areas indicate a decrease in the concentration of solid particles in the air by 19% in the last months of winter. It sounds interesting, but it is a very low indicator, if you evaluate the economic benefits of the project.

The experts have many questions to the creators of the Xian anti-saga – in particular, they are interested in the ability to purify air from sulfur dioxide and the influence of such a “vacuum cleaner” on the ecology and the movement of air masses in the city. To normalize the environment in Xi'an, you need at least a dozen such towers, but their construction will be too expensive even without taking into account the allocation of huge useful land areas. Therefore, the project is still at the experimental stage.

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