China will create two ultra-high-speed transport systems

<pre>China will create two ultra-high-speed transport systems

The American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has agreed with one of the local Chinese state-owned enterprises to create a company that will build the first high-speed vacuum transportation line in the country. The object is going to be built on the territory of Guizhou Province (south of the PRC).

“China is the world's leader in the length of high-speed rail transportation over long distances. Now the Chinese authorities are looking for a more efficient way of transportation with Hyperloop technology, “the Chinese media quotes the chairman of the HTT board, Bebop Greist, as saying.

According to Greest, a new type of high-speed passenger and cargo transportation system will allow China to solve many pressing problems. According to the announced plans, within the first stage it is planned to create a vacuum line with a length of 10 kilometers. In the future, it is planned to extend it. Will the 10-kilometer branch link some important settlements until it is specified.

Recall that the Hyperloop concept was proposed back in 2012 by American businessman Ilon Mask. Its essence lies in the creation of a high-speed closed system, in which vacuum-powered capsule trains will move, speeding over 1200 kilometers per hour. With the help of such technologies, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, for example, it will be possible to reach in just 40 minutes. In technology, they see a serious potential that can impose competition on air and rail transport, allowing completely to modify the existing transport infrastructure in the world.

In addition to Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, an agreement with one of the Chinese pro-government companies received another American start-up Arrivo, run by former SpaceX engineer Borgan Bembrogan, and former employees of Hyperloop One work there. Chinese company GTA decided to invest in Arrivo 1 billion dollars.

Recall that the essence of the Arrivo project is the equipping of the existing infrastructure of public roads with two additional lanes that will be located separately from the main stream. As in the case of Hyperloop, special vehicles will move inside a closed system. Thanks to the use of maglev-technologies, movement along the lines of Arrivo will be carried out at a speed of 320 kilometers per hour.

According to Bloomberg agency, financing of $ 1 billion can be enough for the construction of three branches of the Arrivo system with a length of about 15 kilometers. If the project is successfully implemented, such a transport system will be able to attract interest from a larger number of investors, the publication believes.

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