Church of England has released a package of religious skills for Alexa

<pre>Church of England has released a package of religious skills for Alexa

Scientific and technological progress has always been opposed to belief in the divine will, but if someone wants to win the hearts and minds of people, he needs to speak to them in one language. For example, by the voice of Alexa's home robot, specifically for which the Anglican Church recently released a large skill pack. Of course, they are all devoted to religion.

Since 2006, the number of visits to churches by parishioners in the UK has fallen by 14%, but this is not surprising. Another thing is the distribution of believers by groups – if only 1.1 million people visit the church at least once a month, then church groups in social networks attend 10% more – at least 1.2 million citizens. The conclusion is simple – one must keep pace with the times and use new technologies to achieve the eternal religious goals.

Alexa's skills package “Religion and Spirituality” contains more than 400 different items. From the simplest, like the execution of Zen melodies for relaxation, to quote excerpts from the Bible. Alexa will be able to read the evening prayer, choose a suitable quote from the Gospel, tell a parable or give an encyclopedic answer about the structure of the Christian religion.

The functions of confession, marriage, absolution and collection of church tithes have not yet been entrusted to the robot. However, Alexa humbly tells you how to pay church services through Apple Pay or Google Pay – these services are still at the testing stage. And in the future it is already planned to release similar update packages for Google Home and Apple HomePod.

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