CORE – a game of light and shadow

<pre>CORE - a game of light and shadow

CORE is an arcade game where the player needs to go higher and higher by pressing on the screen. The level here is infinite, but every time new obstacles will appear in front of the player that will prevent him from rising higher.

In order to jump in the air, the player needs to tap on the screen, the main feature of CORE is lighting, which makes it difficult to see distant objects on the screen. In addition, the game of shadows complicates the passage, because the player will be constantly distracted.

There is a leaderboard and skins that you can choose absolutely free. By the way, there are no advertising inserts and banners, from which the game process is significantly transformed, because the main thing in CORE – pacification, which tells us the inscription at the very beginning with a request to put on headphones.

Appendix: CORE Developer: FURYJAM Category: Arcade Version: 1.16 Price: Free Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             32 people

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