Create shortcuts for launching applications on macOS

<pre>Create shortcuts for launching applications on macOS

Many users do not know what great opportunities are provided by such a powerful tool as Automator. At first glance, the program is quite difficult to learn, but once you figure it out, you can see that the control is quite intuitive and obvious.

A big plus is that to create scripts in Automator you do not need knowledge of programming languages, since all actions are performed in a graphical environment . In this article, we will discuss the process of creating hot keys for launching certain applications.

What is it for?

For example, to run the necessary applications when working in full-screen mode. Moreover, starting with hotkeys is much faster than any other method.

Let's get started. The first step is to create an action in the Automator.

  • Run Finder – Applications and find there Automator.
  • When starting the program, we will offer several scenarios to choose from for further work. Choose “Service.”
  • After creating in the right window, we find “Service gets selected”. We indicate in the drop-down list:
  • In the group where the usage scenarios are indicated, select “Run the program”.
  • A new script appears on the right side, select the program we need.
  • Save the service: File -> Save. Specify the name of the service (any, but it is desirable to save it as “Running the iTunes program” for more convenience).
  • We completed all necessary actions, Automator can be closed. The next step is assigning hot keys to start.

    Now that all the preparations have been completed, it's up to the small thing to assign the combination:

  • Run System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Here we select in the sidebar “Services.”
  • In this list, we find the “Basic”. This section will be our service.
  • Assign a key combination that will launch our application. It is very important to specify a combination that is not yet used by other applications.
  • Trying our shortcut, if done correctly – our application should be launched, which we assigned.

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