Created drugs “delayed action” to fight infections

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Mankind, perhaps, throughout its history has been an uncompromising struggle against bacteria, inventing more and more new “tools” for this battle. And most recently, as the editors of the Journal of the American Chemical Society reports, a new way of preventing bacterial infections with the help of “delayed-action” nanodrugs has been developed. According to scientists, this method is much more effective than previously used methods. In addition, it is suitable both for the treatment of infectious diseases and for prophylaxis.

According to published information, a group of experts from the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology of Rutgers University developed nanostructured quartz particles that can carry the necessary doses of the drug. According to Jeffrey Boyd, associate professor at Rutgers University,

“It is interesting that the particles were more effective at killing bacteria than antimicrobials, which can be a way to find a more efficient drug delivery mechanism. Bacteria develop rapidly and become resistant to antimicrobials. New data can help create methods to combat infectious diseases that are difficult to cope with in traditional ways. ”

The new mechanism allows compounds to secrete an antimicrobial agent precisely in the place where it is really needed, which is a huge plus in comparison with the usual intake of drugs when they are distributed throughout the body, which is not always useful. In addition, the action does not begin immediately, but only after the drug “gets” to the right place. At the same time, as a prophylaxis, such “medicinal bombs” can be “laid down” and they will protect the body if an infection penetrates it. As Mr. Boyd’s colleague Tevodros Asef confessed,

“The materials we have created allow antibacterial drugs to be more powerful and make it possible to effectively destroy bacteria in much lower concentrations. This is due to the fact that nanomaterials by means of chemotaxis (roughly speaking, movement towards certain chemicals) allow antibacterial agents to be localized exactly where needed. ”

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