DeepFrame display creates augmented reality without special glasses

<pre>DeepFrame display creates augmented reality without special glasses

To get acquainted with the augmented reality, today one has to resort to the services of special AR-glasses. The Danish company Realfiction offered its version of access to augmented reality – the DeepFrame display, presented in Las Vegas on CES-2018.

In it, using a “deceptive” optical effect, moving objects look as if they are in reality near you . DeepFrame consists of a 65-inch OLED-display (4K resolution), from which the image is projected onto a transparent glass.


As a result, an illusion arises that a certain “living” object appears in the room – for example, a person or a prehistoric dinosaur. In this case, there is no electronic filling inside the DeepFrame screen. The user has the right to improve the image quality, replacing the standard display with a resolution of 4K at 8K.

Given the rather high cost of DeepFrame – from 50,000 to 60,000 dollars, the device is likely to use large museums, art galleries and shopping centers.

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