Demolition Derby 2 – fun pastime

<pre>Demolition Derby 2 - fun pastime

The Demolition Derby mode will appeal to many fans of fun pastime. It's really fun to break a car, plus there's a competitive spirit, because only one car survives in this battle.

We will not go into the strategy of transport management in this mode, but try to tell a little about the technical part. Demolition Derby 2 has an excellent graphics. There are quality fences, well-designed cars, high-quality textures. In addition to everything on the maximum chart, the game works very smoothly. In addition, here is the pleasant physics of cars – the softness of the suspension is felt.

The game has several maps, as well as a huge amount of transport. Each car can be bought for real money, as well as for a fictional currency, which you can earn by winning in a fight. In DD2, there is even a tank, which you can destroy enemies at a distance. Also worth noting is the availability of transport tuning. In the game you can change the wheels, change the color of the transport and so on.

Separately note the damage to cars. Here there is a system of dynamic damage to the hull, similar to the system of transport damage, for example, in GTA 4 and GTA 5. And this is certainly a big plus, because in this mode, a significant role is played by the quality of damages of the car.

Appendix: Demolition Derby 2 Developer: Beer Money Games! Category: Racing Version: 1.3.13 Price: Free Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             115 people

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